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We are excited to bring a hanging mobile exhibit to Durham NC and particularly to The Carrack Modern Art. Known for being a hub of unbridled expression and creativity, The Carrack is the perfect environment for artists to push boundaries of material, design, scale and motion, and bring fresh voices to the hanging mobile landscape.

We put out an open call and encouraged artists working in any medium, regardless of mobile-making experience, to try their hand at creating unique and innovative sculpture in motion.

There was no submission fee for this juried exhibit and artists could enter as many pieces as they like. The Carrack is a zero-commission art space and therefore 100% of any sale proceeds go directly to the artist.


The Mobile: Composition in Motion

Mobiles are shape shifters – form and color set afloat to do what they will. There is no front, no back, and no single composition. Positive and negative spaces become fluid and the result is never completely within the artist’s control. Mobiles infuse a sense of life into their surroundings with gentle motion driven by air current, suspension and the proportions of weight and distance.

This open call was intended to challenge artists to

• create new works incorporating natural motion;

• expand on the mobile concept using unexpected media, unique form and innovative structure;

• produce an intriguing visual experience through sculpture in motion.

The exhibit will highlight a variety of mobile sculpture interpretations. We hope these innovative approaches will inspire others to explore this art form. The exhibit will also provide information that helps visitors understand the principles that commonly govern mobile construction and ways in which the exhibiting artists may have adhered to or defied those principles.

For up-to-date information please follow the show on Facebook and Instagram (icon links below).

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