**This is an optional self-serve opportunity and is not managed in any way

by The Carrack Modern Art or The Mobile Show staff or jurors.**


The wiki page linked below has been set up for those artists/engineers/architects/designers/etc who would like to collaborate with someone to create a submission for The Mobile Show. 

If you'd like to find a collaborator:

1. Click on link below to open the wiki spreadsheet.

2. Add your information and/or reach out to someone already on the list to discuss potential collaboration. Changes will automatically save. Close spreadsheet.

3. Once you've agreed on a partnership, please remove your name(s) from this list so others won't attempt contact.

Please Note: Collaboration is an awesome way to network, expand ideas and leverage strengths -- but we must be clear that this wiki is provided to help facilitate introductions only. That's it. The fun, creativity, details and liability rests solely with those who choose to use this list.

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