Learn to Make Mobiles - The Mobile Show Durham NC

"The Mobile: Composition in Motion" was an open call to artists working in all media. We encouraged unique interpretations of mobiles as sculpture in motion, and challenged artists to push what's possible in terms of form, materials, construction, movement and scale.

For those new to mobile making or artists looking to translate their art into mobile form, we've provided some resources below to get you started. These helpful tips focus on Calder-like mobile construction, but are by no means the only ways to design mobiles.

"How to Make a Real Mobile" - Houzz article by award winning kinetic artist Marco Mahler

PDF of "How to Make Mobiles" by John Lynch, 1953 - excellent book on mobile-making techniques (now out of print) - provided by The Mobile Factory

Learn the benefits of: Using "sliders" to build flexibility into your mobile designs

"What Wire to Use to Make a Hanging Mobile and Where to Buy It" by award winning kinetic artist Marco Mahler

Looping wire demonstration video by mobile-maker Mark Leary

"Questions and Answers regarding How to Make Mobiles" by award winning kinetic artist Marco Mahler

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