Entry 12 - The Mobile Show Durham NC

---> Mobile details are below photos <---

ARTIST: Jay Jones

TITLE: "I" Beam

Displays: Hangs from ceiling

Height (w/out hanging wire): 40 in

Max Width: 14 ft

Weight: 12 lbs


This mobile was inspired by the 1932 photograph of the men having lunch atop a skyscraper. My construction workers sit precariously at the end of the top beam. They glide by un-phased. I created the beams from pvc plastic. I designed the characters in a 3d animation program and exported them to a 3d printer. They are made of an abs plastic. Then I make the mobile. The beams move almost effortlessly. There is a strong disconnect created due to the perceived weight of a "I" beam and that the mobile moves as if weightless. This mobile is available in larger sizes. (Can also be made smaller but I would not like to go much smaller than the 14ft. The impact of the piece is in part due to it's size.)

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