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Entry 19 video from Lloyd Konneker

ARTIST: Lloyd Konneker

TITLE: After George Rickey

Displays: Hangs from ceiling 

Height (w/out hanging wire): 2 in

Max Width: 4 ft

Weight: <1 lb


Fiberglass rod, solar cell, electronics, pager motor, no batteries. Driven by wind OR light. Yes, it is mechanical, but I hope you will make an exception.  

About the image: the view is from slightly above, the mobile hangs level. The image foreshortens the mobile, which is longer away from the solar cell counter-balance. The shadow is cast by the flash on a wall behind the mobile.

About making an exception to your call for strictly wind-driven, non-mechanical mobiles. I think my work will make people think about exactly what constitutes a mobile (in the same sense that you note that Calder dominated the notion.) Here, the mobile is driven by nature, both the wind and sunlight (although the motion from sunlight is stronger, the wind only perturbs.) The submitted work is mechanical, but very simply.

If this work is appropriate, I would also like to submit another work, a solar-powered, two-level mobile that strikes a wind chime chaotically. That work will raise similar questions: it contains a traditional Calder mobile form, but is also a chime, whereas wind chimes are not usually considered mobiles.

Even if this work is not appropriate for this show, I have a body of work that I hope you will consider for another show. You can see some of it on the Solabile channel on YouTube.

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