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Entry 23 video from Lloyd Konneker

ARTIST: Lloyd Konneker

TITLE: 3 Level

Displays: Hangs from ceiling 

Height (w/out hanging wire): 10 in

Max Width: 10 in

Weight: <1 lbs


Electronics, solar cell, motors, piano wire, nylon thread. If you can't accept it since it mechanical, you might hang it in the dark as an inside joke: it WILL turn in the wind since the solar panels are also sails.

Artist Statement: As Calder and other artists experimented with many variations on a basic idea, I experiment on variations on the basic idea that the mobile elements are self-contained and solar powered, driven by a small motor hung from a thread. While they are mechanical, they are powered externally by light: there is no battery or winding up. They are mostly electronic, only the motor is mechanical, and both the electronics and the motor should have a long life, say tens of years.

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