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Entry 33 video from Kim Wheaton

ARTIST: Kim Wheaton

TITLE: Today's Woman

Displays: Hangs from ceiling 

Height (w/out hanging wire): 5 ft

Max Width: 32 in

Weight: 11 lbs


"Today's Woman" is an anti-Calder mobile. It is made of scrap parts including: salvaged mannequin torsos, chain, a misshapen bicycle wheel, fishing tackle, and assorted fabric, paper, ribbon, yarn, buttons and glitter. The torsos, like the Three Graces, are in a dance with each other and the viewer. The figures each present two sides as they spin and turn: one side is the plastic mask of perfect womanhood that we present in public; the other side is the inner-self: rich, textured, colorful, complex... or hollowed and empty.

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