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Entry 45 video from Rachel Goodwin

ARTIST: Rachel Goodwin

TITLE: Safe Passage

Displays: Hangs from ceiling

Height (w/out hanging wire): 6 ft

Max Width: 4 ft

Weight: 25 lbs


Mixed media mobile. It's movement is determined by the delicate balance each quadrant has with the others which allows sections to move and change composition based on air currents near it. It is made of cardboard, plastic, wood, metal, rubber balls, orange fruit mesh, wire, fishing line, acrylic paint, wood board, toy boat, metal rods etc... This piece is not completely finished and needs the following items completed before being shown: 1. two "cone flowers" (one large and one small) within it painted on their opposite sides 2. the piece needs to be cleaned up and touched up throughout (wires adjusted and neatly cut and paint touch-ups 3. and finally - most importantly - a few more adjustments need to be made so that it catches the air currents better and moves a little more easily. If chosen for the show, I am confident that I can finish the piece in time for the delivery date.

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