---> Mobile details are below photos <---

ARTIST: Tom Guthrie

TITLE: Downward Mobility

Displays: Stands on floor

Height (w/out hanging wire): 54 in

Max Width: 58 in(x 24 in)

Weight: 30 lbs


Based on mixed media, it depicts a welded steel female figure expressively holding a complex mobile consisting of two basic balanced areas, parts, A and B (sketched outlines of Part A and Part B which are yet to be completed). Part A (when completed before the show date) will present metal figures and mixed media, found objects reflective of poverty culture in America. Part B (when completed) will present metal figures and mixed-media found objects reflective of extreme wealth in America. The welded female figure holding parts A and B could be seen as Lady Justice. Parts A and B will be complex hanging forms that are balanced, light and capable of rotation, pivoting and diverse movement based on air currents, appropriate to all mobiles. This sculpture will easily fit through a conventional door in the sideways position and then can be simply placed on the floor of the gallery, which I will do.

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