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Entry 5 video from Jerry Huff

ARTIST: Jerry Huff

TITLE: Fishtory

Displays: Hangs from ceiling

Height (w/out hanging wire): 30 in

Max Width: 60 in

Weight: less than 1 lb


This mobile was an exercise of controlled placement and movement where the design came from an idea to create a structure that is both visually interesting and contains meaningful information. The information contained in this mobile is my family tree structure, spanning 4 generations and 28 members, rooted at my parents. I churned for months on how to depict my family tree before being inspired when watching schools of fish traverse coral reefs on a scuba trip last fall - while each fish certainly has the freedom to do its own thing, they move in unison as if all tethered together.  In this mobile structure, each fish has a few degrees of freedom before it influences the direction of its family. Gender is denoted by color and tail design. Generation is depicted by size and vertical placement. Siblings are chronologically ordered (front to back / nose to tail) with each family unit coming to a central balance point. Family bloodline fish are coupled slightly ahead of their spouses. If selected for the show, I think it would be fun to display family names with the mobile, encouraging viewers to name the fish and maybe it would stimulate commentary on how we are all inevitably bound to and influenced by our families.

The mobile is constructed from 4 different wire gauges and 2 mm thick corrugated plastic board.

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