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ARTIST: Heather Washburn & Erin Bartlett

TITLE: Bob and Weave

Displays: Stands on floor

Height (w/out hanging wire): 5.5 ft

Max Width: 4 ft

Weight: 21 lbs


While relaxing on the beach overlooking the dunes, we became fascinated by the dance of the sea grass. The tips bob and swirl as gusts of wind moved across the dunes. The sea grass and its behavior became the catalyst for our stabile 'Bob and Weave'. Our steel base stands 14" tall x 24" length and width. Inspired by the rhizome root system, we abstracted the form into wedges that act as feet and at the tips tubes hold the rods that will have the freedom to bounce and swing with the breezes caught by our abstracted pod baskets. The rods are a combination of 3/16" steel rod inner core and recycled springs act as the rod's skin. The steel rod supports the weight of the pod baskets, while the springs allow the baskets to rotate. The pod baskets are inspired by the seed pods of grass, but we also looked at spinnakers in how they catch air. Each of the three baskets has a different shape to get diverse movement patterns based on our experiments in studio. The idea is to create pods that will bounce and swing as if dancing with the wind.

**video contains audio explanation**

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