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ARTIST: Scott Higgins

TITLE: Klunk!

Displays: Hangs from ceiling

Height (w/out hanging wire): 5 ft (when hanging)

Max Width: 5 ft (when hanging)

Weight: 20 lbs


This piece is made from found and recycled materials including wood, metal, tile and hinges. These individual pieces/objects come together to create a new, dynamic yet unified and balanced whole. The result is a long, slender, 'klunky' yet elegant beam that is suspended from the ceiling from a single point. The beam dangles/floats above and adjacent to the viewer, gently and subtly spinning and teetering like a see-saw, creating a gentle yet firm tension and ever-changing composition. The viewer experiences a sense of interest, wonder and danger of this object hovering so precariously near and above. The challenge I faced in creating this piece was to support the weight of the piece yet allow for the maximum movement through the least amount of friction possible. The cord the piece hangs from is equipped with a 360 degree rotating eye hook at each end which is lubricated to allow for maximum movement. My work speaks to a subtle and slow movement and a quiet, compelling tension.

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