---> Mobile details are below photos <---

ARTIST: JP Trostle

TITLE: Spine

Displays: Sits atop a pedestal

Height (w/out hanging wire): 18 in

Max Width: 6 in

Weight: 9 lbs


Plastic, metal, magnets

It is still a work in progress — I'm consulting with a metal working friend on the structure, so I can't actually show it completed yet. Essentially I'm looking at a standing arm using earth magnets at the top and bottom, and set to opposite poles to magnets on the center rod so it floats. Because I realize this might not be stable, I have a plan B, where the center rod is hanging from rotating armature at the top of the stand. I've been thinking about this structure for a while (it is clearly a Scrap Exchange/creative reuse inspiration), and liked the idea of it of subverting the expectations of a mobile. It still rotates, but the effects are all contained within the vertical instead of the horizontal. See last photo above of side view via old-fashioned ascii diagram.

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